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Rank My Internship is your marketing partner to educate students about your values as an employer, communicate your employer brand proposition, and influence their decision to do their co-op or internship with your organization.

A sponsored company profile enables you to:

New for 2018: View your real time analytics dashboard

Capture all the fantastic stories your students have experienced during their co-op/internship work term.

Feature up to three reviews at the top of your company profile.

Reply to any review.

Customize your company profile with images, video, and NO character limit.

Include up to four additional pages of information.

Post co-op and internship listings on your sponsored profile page.


All companies have a basic, free profile that includes:

Customizing basic company information

A company description up to 400 characters

Review hosting

Top five reasons you want student reviews on
Rank My Internship

Keeps investors and your company’s executive team very happy and that’s priceless!

Provides an authentic and credible perspective of your placement program that ensures future candidates are better prepared and engaged when applying to your program.

Positive reviews can significantly improve the quality and quantity of future candidates. 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. 78% of job seekers say that reviews from people working inside the company influences their decision to work there.

Offers a third-party feedback system that your organization can use to improve your program.

Improves the search engine visibility of your placement program among students and recent grads who are actively researching opportunities.

Sponsored company profile pricing

# of interns One Year Commitment
1-5 $1,200
6-10 $1,800
 11-20 $2,100
21-50 $3,000
51-100 $4,000
100+ $5,000
# of interns Two Year Commitment
1-5 $1,050
6-10 $1,600
 11-20 $1,869
21-50 $2,670
51-100 $3,560
100+ $4,450
# of interns Three Year Commitment
1-5 $949
6-10 $1,420
 11-20 $1,659
21-50 $2,370
51-100 $3,160
100+ $3,950
Also available for purchase Cost
Company logo $1,000 for one year
Customized Questions $3,000 per question
Customized Questions (with company profile) $1,000 per question

Prices listed are the cost per year.

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