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Rank My Internship is a review website where you can publish your recent internship and co-op experiences, as well as research the internship or co-op reviews of others, for any Canadian company. Rank My Internship is the first review website where students and recent graduates should use before applying to an internship or co-op in any company

Writing a review enables you to:

Share your experience with students and employers

Give anonymous feedback to the company where you completed your co-op/internship

Help future students decide which company is the right fit for them

Capture all the fantastic stories you experienced during your work term

Enter yourself into our latest contest



Just click the button and write a review, that’s it. Go on, click the button. Click it.

How to write a review on Rank My Internship

Search for the company where you did your work term

Once you’ve landed on the correct company page click add review

Fill out the questions as accurately as possible

Review your answers before submitting

Click submit and wait for your confirmation email

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